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进程控制扩展 - Eio

Eio函数,本函数提供异步 POSIX I/O 接口


[win] 本函数在win平台不可用


eio_busy — Artificially increase load. Could be useful in tests, benchmarking.

eio_cancel — Cancels a request

eio_chmod — Change file/direcrory permissions.

eio_chown — Change file/direcrory permissions.

eio_close — Close file

eio_custom — Execute custom request like any other eio_* call.

eio_dup2 — Duplicate a file descriptor

eio_event_loop — Polls libeio until all requests proceeded

eio_fallocate — Allows the caller to directly manipulate the allocated disk space for a file

eio_fchmod — Change file permissions.

eio_fchown — Change file ownership

eio_fdatasync — Synchronize a file’s in-core state with storage device.

eio_fstat — Get file status

eio_fstatvfs — Get file system statistics

eio_fsync — Synchronize a file’s in-core state with storage device

eio_ftruncate — Truncate a file

eio_futime — Change file last access and modification times

eio_get_event_stream — Get stream representing a variable used in internal communications with libeio.

eio_grp_add — Adds a request to the request group.

eio_grp_cancel — Cancels a request group

eio_grp_limit — Set group limit

eio_grp — Createsa request group.

eio_link — Create a hardlink for file

eio_lstat — Get file status

eio_mkdir — Create directory

eio_mknod — Create a special or ordinary file.

eio_nop — Does nothing, except go through the whole request cycle.

eio_npending — Returns number of finished, but unhandled requests

eio_nready — Returns number of not-yet handled requests

eio_nreqs — Returns number of requests to be processed

eio_nthreads — Returns number of threads currently in use

eio_open — Opens a file

eio_poll — Can be to be called whenever there are pending requests that need finishing.

eio_read — Read from a file descriptor at given offset.

eio_readahead — Perform file readahead into page cache

eio_readdir — Reads through a whole directory

eio_readlink — Read value of a symbolic link.

eio_realpath — Get the canonicalized absolute pathname.

eio_rename — Change the name or location of a file.

eio_rmdir — Remove a directory

eio_sendfile — Transfer data between file descriptors

eio_set_max_idle — Set maximum number of idle threads.

eio_set_max_parallel — Set maximum parallel threads

eio_set_max_poll_reqs — Set maximum number of requests processed in a poll.

eio_set_max_poll_time — Set maximum poll time

eio_set_min_parallel — Set minimum parallel thread number

eio_stat — Get file status

eio_statvfs — Get file system statistics

eio_symlink — Create a symbolic link

eio_sync_file_range — Sync a file segment with disk

eio_sync — Commit buffer cache to disk

eio_syncfs — Calls Linux’ syncfs syscall, if available

eio_truncate — Truncate a file

eio_unlink — Delete a name and possibly the file it refers to

eio_utime — Change file last access and modification times.

eio_write — Write to file


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