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Git 使用 subtree 管理多个项目代码

对于多项目来说, 使用一个项目来管理多个包是最为方便的, 但是每个包单独弄一个 git 地址去做代码的提交是非常累人的

在一个项目中管理所有包, 为每个不同的文件夹设定不同的地址并共享主项目的提交记录, 然后进行包的提交无疑是最方便的.

例如上面 poppy project 为一个项目, 其他几个为不同的包, 每个包有唯一的 git 仓库地址


$ git subtree push --prefix=poppy/system system 3.0


以下仅仅是例子, 和上边仓库以及文件夹不匹配

git push using:  demo temp/from-main
fatal: ambiguous argument 'cb0580bb6ee76fa96f5bc3c7095303f9a33f5834^0': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.
Use '--' to separate paths from revisions, like this:
'git <command> [<revision>...] -- [<file>...]'
could not rev-parse split hash cb0580bb6ee76fa96f5bc3c7095303f9a33f5834 from commit 691c5a1531ff38d02cb62fa34c99231dbde050b3
 ! [rejected]              1d3913a2e0ec6e4c507dbe2baabae18ef4b8fab9 -> temp/from-main (non-fast-forward)
error: failed to push some refs to ''
hint: Updates were rejected because a pushed branch tip is behind its remote
hint: counterpart. Check out this branch and integrate the remote changes
hint: (e.g. 'git pull ...') before pushing again.
hint: See the 'Note about fast-forwards' in 'git push --help' for details.

所以使用 split 命令找到唯一的提交号, 进行提交

$ git subtree split --prefix=poppy/system feature/3.0

推送的时候使用 --force 来推送

$ git push system `git subtree split --prefix=poppy/system feature/3.0`:3.0 --force

但是如果远程没有分支, 默认是无法推送的, 会报

error: unable to push to unqualified destination: 3.0The destination refspec neither matches an existing ref on the remote norbegins with refs/, and we are unable to guess a prefix based on the source ref.error: failed to push some refs to ‘’Script git push system-github git subtree split --prefix=poppy/system feature/3.0:3.0 –force handling the py-system event returned with error code 1


$ git push system-github 5187723bd023a009363fdba2b224ca0fefd0ed7b:refs/heads/3.0 --force



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